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The Church and Its Witness

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My dear sheep,

There was an excellent article put out recently by the Heidelblog. I would strongly suggest you read the whole article. He considers the discipleship and witness of the believer. His points are very important for the church today, which is obsessed with methodology and systems.

The author, Jonathan Cruse, makes the following conclusion:

"Members of God’s church sever their allegiance with sin to make a better one with Jesus. They commit to sanctification and pursue purity, adding to—not detracting from—the alluring splendor of the body of Christ. We are most useful to the world when we are most distinct from it. Therefore, in obedience to the Lord’s commission to make disciples of the nations, members of the church recognize that their responsibility is not simply to worship the Lord, but to do so “in the beauty of holiness” (Ps 29:2; KJV)."

The beauty of holiness is an essential aspect of the Christian life. Without it our witness will be completely nullified. So, brothers and sisters, let us pursue holiness, that our lights might shine before men!

Pastor Logan

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