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Quotes for the Week

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My dear sheep,

Last week, in the midst of sickness, I was able to spend some time reading while upon the sickbed. The following quotes really struck a cord with me, so I wanted to share them with you!

Thomas Boston, "Since Christ shareth his office of Saviour with none; neither is [the believer's] salvation in any other, whether in whole or in part...the whole Christ, with all his fullness, is given to [believer's] at once, and therefore they have all necessary for them at once in him as their head." (Marrow of Modern Divinity)

What a blessed thought, that we have not received a part that we must contribute too, but we have received the whole Christ. Because we have received him, the work is done, therefore, we but rest in the salvation he has accomplished!

J A Merle d'Aubigne, "The Count of Nassau, viceroy of Holland, replied to the Dominicans who solicited permission to burn the [Luther's] books, "Go and preach the gospel with as much purity as Luther does and you will have to complain of nobody." (History of the Reformation)

The Count of Nassau was on the money. If we would all put our heads down and faithfully do that which we have been called to do, we won't be so worried about what everyone else is doing!

John Calvin, "The unerring standard both of thinking and speaking must be derived from the Scriptures: by it all the thoughts of our minds, and the words of our mouths, should be tested." (Institutes of the Christian Religion)

There is only one standard by which we test our hearts, minds, and mouths, viz. the word of God. Let us hold up this standard before all we do and think!

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