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Problem of Instagram Perfection

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My dear sheep. If you thought I was about to put Instagram on blast, you might be disappointed (or glad?). Most of you know I don't like social media, but that's a discussion for another day! I want to share two very interesting related articles from Ligonier. Perfectionism is a deadly disease that cripples believers in their walk with the Lord. I'd highly recommend you read the following two articles and consider the implications for your own walk with the Lord.

"Perfectionism is the tendency to expect flawless performance from self and others, resulting in frustration at any sign of failure. Perfectionism demands immediate completion rather than acknowledging the process of growth. A perfectionist is unwilling to accept two truths that God says about all people: everyone is both limited as a human being and fallen as a sinner. In the end, perfectionism is the ongoing attempt to need Jesus less."

"Why is that? There’s a conflict that occurs between our expectation of what things ought to be like (Instagram) and what they’re really like (real life). Our expectations for life shift and change as we view images of other people’s best moments. We come to believe in a subliminal way that the extraordinary, perfect life in the here and now is ideal and achievable, and the monotony and struggle of ordinary life is drab and worthless. We want our ordinary life to be extraordinary all of the time. But, as we all know, that’s not real life. The very definition of extraordinary requires the existence of the ordinary. Extraordinary things are a deviation from the ordinary. Instagram gives the impression that it’s possible to have the extraordinary without any ordinary at all."

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