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Ligonier Connect Course Begins

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My dear sheep,

In case you missed the announcement at church on Sunday. The elders are encouraging everyone in the congregation to utilise the Ligonier Connect courses together as a family. The purpose of this is that we might grow together as a church. This will provide an opportunity for us to encourage one another daily as we await the coming of our blessed redeemer.

Feel free to access any courses you are interested. However, I'd encourage everyone in the Church to sign up to the course, "What is Reformed Theology?", by R C Sproul. The aim is that every week the congregation watches one video in their spare time and then uses it as something to engage with people in the Church.

This week we are watching the first video (Introduction) where Sproul introduces our topic for us. Please reach out to myself or our administrator if you have any problems getting connected.

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