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Articles for the Week

a stack of newspaper articles

My dear sheep. The following three articles were a blessing to read, so I thought I would share them with you. May the Lord bless them to you, as he did to me.

"What is extraordinary about Paul is how unbelievably durable his joy was when things weren’t going well. Where did this come from?"

Christ our Passover - Eric Waltkins

"Thus, for God to strike down the firstborn among the Egyptians (and the firstborn son of Pharaoh) was to deal a climactic blow not only to Pharaoh but to the entire worldview of Egypt. As the judgment of God swept through the land of Egypt, the darkness of death overtook every firstborn that was not covered by the blood of a lamb; the Destroyer destroyed them. With this, Pharaoh was defeated and broken. But what of the Israelites?"

"Prayer is discourse with the personal God Himself. There, in the act and dynamic of praying, I bring my whole life under His gaze. Yes, He knows what is in my mind, but I still have the privilege of articulating to Him what is there. He says: “Come. Speak to me. Make your requests known to me.” So we come in order to know Him and to be known by Him."


Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below. I'd love to hear which article was a blessing to you. Share a quote or a particular insight so that we can mutually encourage one another!

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