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12 Rules, a Man, and Strength

My dear sheep.

Two of the sheep shared some wonderful content with me in the last couple of days. They blessed me, so I hope they bless you too!

In this article, John Piper lays out twelve simple wise pieces of advice for teenagers. I know that many of you are not teenagers. However, even if you are not, much of the advice is very applicable. Also, for the parents, this will help you think about how to counsel your own children!

A Man in Christ

In this message, Sinclair Ferguson helps us think about who the minister is. It is helpful for the sheep to have a firm grasp on this, just as much as I, as the shepherd, need to know.

Renewed Strength Through True Worship

In this message, Derek Thomas reinforces what we thought about in our special liturgical teaching service. It is a very helpful message and highlights the necessity and profit of the regulative principle of worship. Especially recommend his four applications at the end.

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