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When is Worship "Christian Worship"?

My dear sheep, I wonder if you have ever thought about the question in the title? Isn't all worship christian? When we look around the world, we see many forms of worship. Some involve sacrifice, others chanting, and many other forms. What makes Christian worship distinctively christian? We have recently been looking at various sections in the directory for public worship. In our next two paragraphs, we are given a fantastic description of true Christian worship. It is to God (Father, Son, and Spirit), through Christ, by the Holy Spirit.

Consider the following two paragraphs of the directory:

47-4. Public worship is Christian when the worshippers recognize that Christ is the Mediator by whom alone they can come unto God, when they honour Christ as the head of the Church, who rules over public worship, and when their worship is an expression of their faith in Christ and of their love for Him.
47-5. Public worship must be performed in spirit and in truth. Externalism and hypocrisy stand condemned. The forms of public worship have value only when they serve to express the inner reverence of the worshipper and his sincere devotion to the true and living God. And only those whose hearts have been renewed by the Holy Spirit are capable of such reverence and devotion.

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