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Sabbath Preparation - 7/7/24

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My dear sheep. Almost time for another Lord's day and opportunity to gather for worship in His presence! We will be continuing our series in Matthew this weekend.

Morning Sermon

Title: In the Presence of the Father

Text: Matthew 6

Suggested Reading: Matthew 5-7

Dan Doriani, "Perhaps no one sets out to be a hypocrite. The hypocrite may start well, doing good innocently. Later, he thinks, “It would be good if others knew what I do. My example might inspire them.” Finally, he takes steps to insure that others see and praise his piety. We trade the goal of pleasing the Father for the goal of pleasing men."

Evening Sermon

Title: Kingdom Reception and Application

Text: Matthew 7

Suggest Reading: Matthew 5-7

A M Hunter, "The disciple must not go about fault-finding and flaw-picking. Rather, looking into his own heart, he will find there more than enough to keep him very humble. The classic example in the Old Testament is King David whose anger blazed out against the rich man who had taken the poor man's lamb; and behold, the mas was himself."

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