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How to Understand the Bible

Updated: Apr 25

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My dear sheep. When I was at Bible college, we had to read a book called, "How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth." What advice would you give to a friend if they asked you how to understand the Bible?[1] Once Martin Luther was asked that very question. He answered:

It is very certain, that we cannot attain to the understanding of Scripture either by study or by the intellect. Your first duty is to begin by prayer. Entreat the Lord to grant you, of his great mercy, the true understanding of his Word. There is no other interpreter of the Word of God than the Author of this Word, as he himself has said: They shall be all taught of God. Hope for nothing from your own labours, from your own understanding: trust solely in God, and in the influence of his Spirit. Believe this on the word of a man who has had experience. (Quoted by d'Aubigne, History of the Reformation, 106)

Do you know this? When you read your Bible, do you begin by giving yourself to prayer first and entreating God to grant you understanding? What about when you come to church on Sunday? Will you come prayerfully, recognising that you will not benefit from the sermon unless God enables you to hear? If you are struggling to benefit from the Word read or preached, consider d'Aubigne's commentary on Luther's words above:

The purest, the sublimest, the holiest source God himself, consulted in humility, confidence, and prayer, was that at which he drank. But in our days he has found few imitators... (History of the Reformation, 106)


[1] If you need help to read your Bible, I'd encourage you to reach out to me. The elders and myself would love to come alongside you and help you. But don't forget to start with prayer!

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